Steam Errors and Fixes

Steam Errors and Fixes

Crostini users may run into some Steam errors along the way — here are some common errors, their fixes, and a brief explanation of what’s going on.

Steam for Linux Errors:

Error: Unable to determine CPU Frequency. Try defining CPU_MHZ.
Fix: export CPU_MHZ= Example: 1.5GHz owners would enter: export CPU_MHZ=1500.000
Explanation: Error occurs when clock calibration fails on boot and cpu MHz output of /proc/cpuinfo is 0.000. This can be confirmed by dmesg | grep -i tsc. Steam doesn’t like when the /proc/cpuinfo MHZ output is 0.000 and errors out but fortunately allows us to, instead, define the CPU_MHZ value. Seems this lack of cpu MHz output in /proc/cpuinfo is due to a race condition. At this time it is unknown if there is a way to force the clock calibration to try again, this would be ideal as it would correct the 0.000 cpu MHz output in /proc/cpuinfo and truly fix the issue rather than working around it by defining a superficial CPU_MHZ value just to make Steam happy.

Error: Assertion Failed: Could not open connection to X
Error: Assertion Failed: failed to initialize update status ui, or create initial window
Fix: sudo ln -s /opt/google/cros-containers/bin/sommelier.elf /usr/bin/; systemctl --user restart sommelier*service --all; export DISPLAY=:0
Explanation: Errors occur when sommelier services have failed which stops X from working. The services sometimes fail due to the sommelier.elf symlink not being created yet so making sure the symlink is set is always the first step before restarting the services. Credit to u/bzub for documenting the issue here.

Error: find: ‘/home//.steam/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime’: No such file or directory error
Fix: mkdir ~/.steam/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime
Explanation: Error occurs when the steam-runtime directory doesn’t exist in the Steam default location so you can simply create one.

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